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March 4, 2012 at 1:31 pm 2 comments

Music for the average Indian is synonymous with “film” music – be it Bollywood or regional movies. The young urban Indian probably identifies additionally with the Western genres of music. So all in all, a “Chhamak Chhallo”, a “Saada Haq” or a Lady Gaga anthem would probably be what constitutes a typical playlist for most of us. There is definitely no dearth of finding these songs and with the internet, Bluetooth and what have you, right on our finger tips.

But for someone whose musical tastes are “different”, to the extent of being called “weird” or obscure by others around, finding my choice of music has been an onerous experience. Some songs for me have been an association from the audio cassette days, and when the tape recorder went defunct with audio CDs and later mp3s replacing them, I missed quite a few gems from my digital music treasure trove. I never really fancied the idea of converting those cassette tracks into digital format primarily out of laziness and also due to the lack of clarity that it would bring.

To give you a drift of what I kind of music I am talking about consider these – this awesome Raga Hamsadhwani based track titled “Celebration” from the album “Music for the Soul”; this gem is composed by the genius Vishwa Mohan Bhatt with vocals by Sadhna Sargam enough to leave you in a state of ecstasy or another one from the little known movie “Meera”; this Miyan ki Malhar based “Badar Dekh Dari” rendered brilliantly by Vani Jairam. Though I do not understand the intricacies of Hindustani Classical Music, yet I have been drawn to it through such songs – call them semi-classical, light classical or simply raga based compositions.

Along the years, I did try to search for some such tracks on the internet, but with very little success. When Apple launched iTunes and along with it the Music Store, I was in the US at that time. I was definitely excited when I browsed through the vast repertoire of Indian Classical music on iTunes Store. Yet paying 50 rupees for one song was prohibitive to my Indian mind. Later when I reached India, and decided to buy some tracks that I couldn’t get out of my mind, I realized that they were not available for India. I always thought why such a collection couldn’t be made available to us.

I remember saregama launched a venture called few years ago but it was restricted to their erstwhile HMV label and current offerings. Music Today label, the premier music label for Indian classical and related genres, has had a half-baked online presence over the years. Their habit of repackaging the same tracks under different albums didn’t appeal to me. Furthermore, their cost effective mp3s collections vanished from the market after making a brief appearance. So all in all, there was barely a place to satiate my musical appetite.

My prayers were answered by, when they launched the Indian music store – Flyte last week. I was more excited than a kid, who had been handed his long-yearned toy, as I browsed through their catalogue and immediately found the pieces that I had been wanting to get my ears on for years. So in a flash, not only did I end up buying the above two tracks, but a lot many more such.

Like all things Flipkart, Flyte is a very well-thought offering. They really have managed to bring together a huge (read HUGE) range of Indian music ranging across music labels,  replete with Album Artwork and song information in the best possible sound quality (most mp3s available in 320kbps quality). There is also the freedom of buying a single song when you don’t want to opt for the whole album. The pricing is decent (though I wish the one/two minute tracks were cheaper), the tracks DRM-free and one can synch it up on multiple devices. So the songs I buy and download can go on my laptop, iPod and phone like any normal mp3. They also offer a download manager that can track and pause-resume large downloads.

I, like all users of Flipkart, have always been impressed with their packaging and crisp delivery turnaround. But with Flyte, I am full-blown fan of Flipkart. With this long due venture, they have done a great service to music lovers like me, who now won’t have to run from pillar to post for listening to those rare gems of Indian music, and have a legal and cost-effective option available. I also hope this brings down the piracy that is so rampant in Indian music.

A big thumps up to Flyte!


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