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I usually don't dream & when I do, I don't remember it very well… But this morning, I woke up to a nightmare without the stereotypical horror or gore element in it, but enough to scare me really bad…

I was getting engaged!

I vaguely remember the setting as the usual Punjabi ring ceremony, with tonnes of relatives descending to be part of my engagement… Only I didn't know the girl I was supposed to be engaged to!!!

 Yes, I hadn't seen her before, I had not talked to her before!!! She was a complete stranger to me!!! I couldn't believe this was happening & yet I was part of all this…

As I was pushed to occupy the pedestal, I saw her for the first time… There was an instant feeling of repulsion, she wasn't the kind of girl I had pictured to be my life partner… But I was helpless, I couldn't reverse this, when things had gone this far! The incessant flashes of photographers made me more antsy & even the beaming faces of my parents wasn't reassuring enough…

Now as I exchanged glances with this girl, she smiled & whispered to me, "I like you." This was too much for me to handle… I just wished this would somehow end… As we moved for the ring-exchanging ceremony, I couldn't help but take my parents to a side to talk to them…

I don't recall much of what I blubbered at that instant, but my howls (in the dream) was enough to wake me up & bring me back to real life… I had never felt happier resting alone on the dirty pillow on the rickety-rackety thing I call my bed…


June 19, 2006 at 6:45 am 4 comments


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